Photo by Valeria Stihi

Teachers rock

Daily writing prompt
Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

I remember working and earning my first money at 12 years old as a typist for my father. Later, I learned steno-dactylography in school, which included blind typing πŸ™Œ. At 16 years old, I began translating foreign paperwork πŸ“, and by 17, I had translated my first two physics books from German to Romanian πŸ“š. Learning foreign languages and computer skills was essential for me, particularly in the design and digital art field 🌐🎨. All of my teachers, including my father πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«, my English and German teachers πŸ“š, as well as my piano and rhythmic dance teacher πŸŽΉπŸ’ƒ, had a positive impact on me. Nonetheless, the skill I am most thankful for, as I use it daily, is blind typing. I owe this ability to my amazing teacher Anca Kleininger.

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