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Daily writing prompt
How do you use social media?

How do I use social media? Great prompt because I’ve been studying the best ways to get more out of my social media profiles, lately. From Facebook and Instagram all the way through Tik Tok – there are plenty of platforms that can help me level up. (And, by the way, have you tried any social media management platforms?)

My mission: figure out how to create an awesome online presence!

For the freelancer, standing out on social media is a must! But writers and artists don’t have advanced technical chops, so… what to look for? A brilliant idea to break through plus time to make it happen. Luckily creative people like us are well-equipped with imaginations that know no bounds.

The age of tech & AI has truly revolutionized the promotional game! We are no longer at the mercy of third parties when it comes to creating eye-catching posters, stunningly edited photos, and inspirational quote images. It’s like a digital artist hiding inside our phone – all we must do is unleash its full potential for an irresistible promo campaign!

Social media is an incredible tool to take our writing game, products, and income potential to the next level. We can create a buzz around our brand, reach out directly to readers – both old and new – get invaluable feedback on how we’re doing things right (or wrong), and monetize those supporters who are raving fans… let’s make it happen!

After months of hard work, engaging, and reaching out to over 5 thousand followers, it will be finally time for the next big step: launching a business! In 2024 who knows what dream projects could be possible with all that groundwork – perhaps even authoring one’s own book? Here we go!

Let’s connect and get creative! 🎨 This is an amazing opportunity for us to share our unique ideas, spread love ❤️ and make meaningful connections.

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