Thank you for your kindness. I enjoyed seeing all the messages.

In the following, get ready to be amazed by my bookish tips & tricks! We’re going into new territory. You’ll learn first about an art form that is both artsy-fartsy & science fictiony – Hybrid Arts (I’m sure you know what they are).

Event 4: The Collective Poem – Live Whispered Poetry!

During the debate „Remix with Women Writers at the Humanitas Kretzulescu Bookstore”, we invited friends and artists; we brought the painted book review (a painting signed by Vali Irina Ciobanu) of the novel Anti-memoirs of a muse, as well as the cover muse (an artwork signed by Dan Botezan).


Well, that’s all for today!

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Coming up next… A SURPRISE… good to get inspired… so stay tuned!

Till then: Have a good night, everybody! And: Have a good body book every night!

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