Collage with flowers and the book Anti-Memoires of a Muse. Snapchat Selfie by Julia Kalman

Why do I disagree with you?

Daily writing prompt
What public figure do you disagree with the most?

✨Great prompt!✨Thank you! 💭If we disagree with somebody, no matter who he or she is, then it is about us.💡 The disagreement means that our reactions and responses to the other person’s viewpoints are more about ourselves than about them. When we disagree with someone, it is often because their ideas, opinions, or actions challenge or threaten something within us – such as our beliefs, values, or sense of security. This can lead to strong emotional reactions, defensiveness, or even hostility towards the other person.🤔However, if we can recognize and take responsibility for our own emotional responses, we can approach disagreements with greater self-awareness, empathy, and openness to learning from different perspectives. Instead of seeing the other person as an opponent to be defeated, we can engage in constructive dialogue that fosters mutual understanding and growth. 💬✨In short, disagreements are an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others, and to expand our perspectives and ways of thinking. It all depends on how we choose to respond.✨

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