Selfie with book by Nan Constantin Ilie, at the writing studio. Photo by Julia Kalman

Daily prompt

Daily writing prompt
Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

Oh, the COVID pandemic 😷. It forced some of us to get creative, to take on odd jobs and ventures we never imagined we’d be doing. And boy, was I one of those people 😅. Three different “jobs” to keep me afloat, and let me tell you, they were risky business 🔥. The stress was constant, but there was one thing that kept me going: my long walks through the empty city 🚶‍♀️. There’s something thrilling about being alone with your thoughts 💭, especially when the world is on pause ⏸️. But my biggest thrill had to be when I fell asleep writing at my desk and had a collision with my rocking chair 🪑. Yes, you read that right. A rocking chair. I like to think I really rocked that deadline 🤘.

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