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Hello there! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the kind messages, thumbs up and subscriptions. You asked me if I am a member of a writers’ association. As a matter of fact, I am.

As both a fiction and non-fiction writer, I am thrilled to be a proud member of both the Non-Fiction Authors Association CA and the Association of Fiction Creators RO.

And now we come to the best part… wanna feedback for your writing?

In the following, get ready to be amazed by my bookish tips & tricks! We’re going into new territory. You’ll learn first about an art form that is both artsy-fartsy & science fictiony – Hybrid Arts (I’m sure you know what they are).

Event 2: “RED” / Performance by Julia Kalman

During the Fine Art exhibition SIAJ@SIMEZA, Bucharest, on August 25th, 2022, we explored Hybrid Art.

This was when 25 artists-improvisers created living fiction inspired by Dan Botezan and Otilia Borș’s art! What more can I say: there was shyness, humility, emotions, warmth, and a lot of love.


There are also some photos/videos from our night together which you can find here, as well as the mini-video link below– enjoy yourselves with these goodies, please!!

Well, that’s all for today!

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Coming up next… another bookish event… good to get inspired… so stay tuned!

Till then: Have a good night, everybody! And: Have a good body book every night!

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